Wastewater metering system for Beer factory

A general problem for the companies that are big consumers of water is that the unit price to be paid includes both potable and wastewater price. In this regard, Techno Test has developed an automatic meter reading system that assures the potable water and wastewater consumption could be billed separated so the companies that use water in production are making big saves.

All the consumption data are sent directly to the water utility company and on request, the beneficiary could monitor the data too. This assures that the technological process will be under control and no additional losses on both network and production line will emerge.

The equipment we recommend for this application is Electromagnetic flowmeter Proline Promag W series, manufactured by Endress+Hauser, Switzerland. Promag W is the specialized sensor for all applications in the water industry. Combined with the battery-powered transmitter Proline 800 for the measurement of water and wastewater, PromagW 800 will be the preferred solution for all applications in this industry, which are in locations without power grid. It offers worldwide transmission of measured data and events via e‐mail and SMS.

Techno Test introduced the flow meters in national metrology institute and in this regards this solution is used in commercial scope.

One of our last project in this domain is the metering system design, commissioning and approval for Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery.