Delivery of Walk-by system for Chisinau residential buildings

Water and waste-water utility of the Chisinau Municipality “Apa Canal Chisinau” has a problem related to the difference between the flat central meter and the consumption of water according to the results of sub metering for each apartment. In medium, this difference is equal to about 30% that mainly are losses related to the water non-evidence, leakages, low sensitivity of mechanical meters, etc.

During 2013, Techno Test together with Kamstrup A/S (Denmark) delivered to Apa Canal Chisinau 1000 electronic ultrasound meters for sub-metering. We used Multical 21 (for submetering) and Multical 62 (as central meter of the building) for commercial evidence of cold water. In result, the not measured consumption was decreasing with a result of less than 1%.

More to this, the installation of electronic ultrasound meters have the following benefits:

–     Reading of all meters of a building is performed in less than 5 min so the water utility will economize resources for consumption reading

–     All the meters could be read without necessity to enter in the apartment so the beneficiary is not supposed to be home or to be disturbed

–     The meters are registering the leakage, bust, tamper, dry and reverse operational cases

–      The consumption data could be directly sent in a billing system in an electronic way

–      All consumption data are kept for more than 3 years (for monthly consumption)

–      Etc.