Biomass and Renewable Energy

1. Design and construction of biomass heating systems in Glodeni, Donduseni, Soroca and Riscani districts

2. Design and construction of biomass heating systems in villages Tomai, Gaidar (UTA Gagauzia) and Iordanovca (district Basarabeasca)

Design and execution of 13 biomass boiler houses.

Narrative description of Project:

The Moldova Energy and Biomass Project aims to contribute to a more secure, competitive and sustainable energy production in the Republic of Moldova through targeted support to renewable energy in form of biomass from agricultural wastes. The project will increase the use of renewable energy sources, specifically for heating public buildings and individual households in rural areas. It lays the basis for the establishment of functional markets for biomass technologies which will ensure sustainability of the project intervention beyond its lifetime. Through the replacement of traditional energy sources with readily available biomass fuels the project will further significantly contribute to a reduction in Green House Gas emissions and environmental pollution.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Site inspections incl. verification of technical information presented in RFP (e.g. building heat load, delivery limits), proposing necessary changes, requesting clarifications; General design; Architectural design; Geotechnical engineering works; Necessary structural, mechanical and electrical calculations; Dimensioning of equipment; Provision of technical and performance requirements; Provision of preliminary and complete drawings and plans; Coordination of all work (incl. drawings) with all subcontractors, suppliers, partners; Automation and instrumentation engineering; Emissions calculations; Preparing any required documents for the approval of authorities on behalf of the beneficiaries; Obtaining all required approvals; Construction and installation works (biomass boilers, automation and control systems of boiler ); Provision of full set of documentation including complete design and operation and maintenance documentation; Training of boiler plant operators and service staff, examination of trained people; Taking over and commissioning of boiler plant and works.