Supply of metering tools and solutions for residential and industry customers

Techno Test srl operates for more than 16 years both nationally and internationally in the fields of the water and waste water industry, heat production and distribution in respect to the supply of metering tools and solutions for residential and industry customers.

Techno Test provides the whole range of metering solutions required for implementation of the water consumption metering program, including turbine (velocity) single and multi-jet water meters with mechanical or magnetic transmission, Woltman meters, irrigation meters, flow meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators in the direct reading version or complete with integrated or separate modules for the remote transmission of the consumption data.

Description of actual services provided by our staff:

–     Total metering units for water use supplied during the last 6 years: more than 30000 units;

–     Supplying heat energy metering units – more than 5000 units;

–     Support in implementing the heat/hot water consumption metering;

–     Calibration, metrological tests and repair services for the sold meters.