Automatic metering system for Orhei Regional Hospital

The Orhei Regional Hospital implemented an intelligent system to monitor the consumption of electricity, heat energy, cold and hot water. The objective of monitoring is to provide a clear picture of individual consumption in buildings and departments as well as power plants, heat substations, electric power substations and drinking water wells in order to identify and implement efficiency measures for consumption and the impact of implemented energy efficiency projects.

  • The monitoring will cover the use of :
  • Natural Gas : consumption in 2012 : 284 965 m³
  • Electricity : consumption in 2012 : 826 MWh
  • Cold water : consumption in 2012 : 26 940 m³
  • Hot water
  • Heat ( power plants and heat substations)

Orhei District Hospital has 650 employees and is located in Orhei. The building complex consists of 30 buildings situated on an area of about 5.9 ha. The provided energy monitoring systems covers 21 blocks, with a floor area of over 21,000 m2.

During the project, TECHNO TEST has selected the meter types depending on the application and technical needs of the beneficiary, assured the procurement, delivery and commissioning of the meters and associated equipment for establishing a radio data transmission.

To facilitate the accumulation, transfer, storage and management of consumption data, Techno Test has also developed a unique system/software custom-designed for Orhei Regional Hospital needs. It contains a series of reports for each consumption type (electric power, thermal energy, gas, hot and potable water).

The monitoring system is recording consumption data from 72 Kamstrup meter units and transferring data for subsequent analysis at the system server in the Energy manager’s office.